Swingline Tax Time Savings offer: World class Shredders at a throwaway price


Shredders offer a great utility for everyone in the workplace since they ensure that your private and confidential documents are safely disposed off. The icing on the cake would be if there was a heavy discount on shredders and shredders could come at a throwaway price. Now, all this is possible with the shredder offer as featured in the Acedepot website. The Swingline Tax … [Read more...]

8 Black Friday Myths Debunked!


Black Friday is approaching fast. You must be thinking of different ways to save money while getting your entire shopping list done. Have a look at this top 8 Black Friday myths to know when you are being hoodwinked and prevented from getting the best possible prices for the products you want. 1) Black Friday sales start on Black Friday: Most of the major retailers start their … [Read more...]

Cross Cut V/S Confetti Cut Shredders

Cross Cut VS Confetti Cut Shredders

There is nothing like cross cut v/s confetti cut shredders. Both are one and the same. Simply put, cross cut shredders are also known as confetti cut shredders. In fact, the cross cut shredder is named as confetti because of its cuts. It often resembles confetti. A traditional confetti looks square in shape and has small dimension. But there are cross cut shredders that … [Read more...]

Why Is Shredding Of Documents Important?

Fellowes Powershred OS11 / DS-1 Cross cut Shredder

The importance of shredding business documents can never be emphasized enough. No matter how small or large your business is, you definitely need a firm policy about shredding business documents. Are you wondering why so much importance is given to this task? If so, consider following reasons: Identity Theft: When you are operating a business, specially a retail business, … [Read more...]