RTC-1000 2.0 Universal Time Clock- Automatic Time Clock For Large Offices

For organizations to flourish beyond expectations, various employers and project managers need to keep a track of the employee’s productivity. And since the projects comes with deadlines, it becomes mandatory to keep an account of daily working hours. Each day’s output counts equally and therefore it becomes important task for the project managers to track down their employees’ everyday presence/attendance. Manual time reporting in/out is impossible as it would be tedious to manage and if thought upon results in several loopholes.

Although time clocks are being used by various businesses over a decade but still there remain problems associated with them which are left unsolved. These clocks can do nothing except feeding the data of employee entry time and exit time. Various concerned employers are looking for a more sophisticated version of the gadget which would unimpeachably provide the details about employee working hours as well. If you are among one of those concerned managers, all you need is a device that could manage your employee attendance as well as working hours that would in turn make it easier for the project managers to estimate the productivity.

Now switching over what our latest product RTC-1000 2 Universal time clock has got to offer, stay elated and relaxed for this is a very user friendly clock which entertains multi-clock connectivity over a network or even the internet with the multiple employee entry options. With easily expandable user capacity, you can add up to 100 or 200 employees per system. Now the best part- It has the provision of employee in/out during breaks and allowing this functionality in the organization makes you run your business effectively. You can easily access this clock to check employee working hours and generate reports.

Purchase this time tracking machine for it will thrive your business successfully with its automatic detection abilities. Along with the time clock also include in the box is 15ft USB cable, Ethernet cable, power supply , 50 employee capacity, a locking mounting plate with 2 keys. You are also provided with a setup wizard or a documentation CD which helps you in installation. This clock comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and apart from this we also provide you 30 days free technical support.

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