The importance of shredding business documents can never be emphasized enough. No matter how small or large your business is, you definitely need a firm policy about shredding business documents. Are you wondering why so much importance is given to this task? If so, consider following reasons:Fellowes Powershred OS11 / DS-1 Cross cut Shredder

  1. Identity Theft: When you are operating a business, specially a retail business, you will have tons of personal information about your customers; personal information such as their address, phone numbers and credit card information that they trusted you with. Now imagine this information leaking to outside parties. Imagine hackers having access to this information, and imagine what they can do with this information. What will be your customers’ reaction? Will they trust you again with their information? Of course not, and who can blame them for their reaction!
  2. Bad Publicity: If you discard your customers’ information unwisely in a dumpster and if media or your customers get a whiff about it, you are dead. Literally. If you don’t believe us, look at the history. Once a giant clothing retailer was crucified in public on the evening news when it dumped ten thousand debit and credit card numbers without any regard for its customers’ safety. Do we need to say more about it?
  3. Corporate Espionage: How bad your competitors want to know what is your strategy and what kind of contracts do you have? Are they interested about knowing the details of your loans? If they want it bad enough, they may bribe your employees or an outside party to go through your trash. Think about it.

Keeping in mind the above reasons, it’s always a wise decision to shred these documents before discarding them. Shredding of documents will make sure that you, as a business, and your customers are secured against any potential damage stemming from those documents.

Are you looking for high-quality paper shredders? Contact AceDepot. It offers a range of sophisticated shredders that are capable of shredding not only paper documents but also DVDs, CDs and much more.

Ace Depot sells a wide assortment of paper shredders. For many business owners it can be rather confusing to purchase the best shredder for your business, whether it’s a small home business, or large corporation. The advantage of buying from is not only do we sell a wide assortment of paper shredders, but also give specific information about the different types of shredders you might be thinking about purchasing for your business. Below are the different types of paper shredders and details to help you choose the correct shredder for your business.

Multi-cut scissors: Multi-cut scissors use a number of blades instead of the usual one. This type of shredder would be an entry level shredder.Cross-cut shredders: Cross-cut shredders cut paper into crisscross patterns. They don’t work very fast due to the additional cutting required by the two contra-rotating drums. However, the slowness is made up by the increased security cross-cut shredders provide. The volume of paper shredded is also low as the resulting pieces are very small.

Strip-cut shredders: Strip-cut shredders are the types we’re used to seeing in small offices. The patterns produced are that of long, thin strips of paper measuring between 1/16th of an inch to half an inch. Strip-cut shredders are much faster than the cross-cut variety but aren’t very secure as the pieces are not finely shredded.

Particle-cut shredders: For a finer result, particle-cut shredders do the job well as the paper is shredded into tiny circular or square pieces. Such equipment is usually found in corporations and other large offices where sensitive data is communicated or printed out frequently.

Micro-cut shredders: Micro-cut shredders produce minute pieces of paper with their ability to turn a single sheet into about 6,000 pieces. The higher-end variety can literally turn paper into dust as the particle size is no bigger than a dust particle. The latter is usually employed by government offices and is far more expensive than the rest.

Cardboard shredders: Cardboard shredders aren’t usually used by small offices and are more commonly seen in large corporations or warehouses where a lot of cardboard comes in. The shredders lean towards the heavy-duty variety (but aren’t true heavy-duty shredders) and have the capacity to turn slabs of cardboard into strips or mesh pallets.

Grinders: Grinders feature a rotating shaft that grinds paper into pieces small enough to fit through a screen. The equipment is heavy-duty with consistency ranging from confetti-like to fine lint-like. Aside from ordinary paper, grinders can shred hard cover books, cardboard and boxed files.

Granulators: Granulators, also known as disintegrators, cut paper till it is fine enough to pass through a mesh. Like grinders, the machines are used in government offices where confidential data is printed out on a daily basis and must also be disposed regularly.

Industrial shredders: Industrial shredders are very large machines that see a high volume of content that needs to be disposed of fast. They’re meant for daily use and have the capacity to shred up to 450 sheets of paper in one go. offers daily specials on office equipment and supplies. If you are looking for a shredder for your business, check the daily Special section.

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Fellowes Powershred OS11 / DS-1 Cross-cut Shredder

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