Cash Registers to improve your business profits

Cash Registers to improve your business profits

In order to ensure that all your business process are running smoothly a efficient cash handling system is essential. A smooth cash handling procedure not only ensures a cut in the waiting time of your customers, a seamless experience during the payment time also helps in increasing your credibility in the eyes of your customers. presents top nine reasons about why … [Read more...]

Acedepot’s Currency Counting Machines For Rising Instances of Counterfeit Notes

Creating counterfeit notes is a child’s play these days. Literally. Finding it too hard to believe? Check out today’s news report which says: five students from New Milford High School successfully create $1,000 in counterfeit $5 and $20 bills, using a home printer and a stack of coarse resume papers. In fact, the notes were so brilliantly done that cashiers in the stores and … [Read more...]

New Enhanced Cassida Currency Counters Available At Acedepot!

Currency counters are becoming more sophisticated, advanced and economical. Case in point, Cassida's recent unveiling of the new, enhanced 5520 Professional Currency Counter. Touted as the must-have currency counter to streamline several cash handling duties, the new improved version comes with a feature called ValuCount ̶ which allows users to get a count of different … [Read more...]

Streamline Business Operations With Currency Counting Machines

In simple terms, currency counting machines are those machines that help you count money, both banknotes and coins. Whether a business is small, medium or large, currency counting machines are always a necessity. Apart from the regular retail stores, the currency counters can be used in vending machines to determine the amount of money deposited by customers. They can also be … [Read more...]

Improve Business Efficiency With Cash Handling Machines

Are you handling huge amount of cash daily in your business? How much of the productive time is spent in calculating the total amount of money you have in the cash box and then dividing them according to various denominations? You can make this task easy by using cash handling machines. Generally cash handling machines comes with various compartments to hold bills of various … [Read more...]