How Cheap Punch Dies can stop your machines from working

How Cheap Punch Dies can stopyour machines from working

Punch Dies are indispensable part of binding machines; their role is to cut holes into the paper. However, different quality punch dies are available in the market that may affect the quality of holes and machines.

The two main factors that affect the quality of holes and binding machines are as follows:

a] Type of steel used in its manufacturing.
b] The way the dies are molded in the factory.

The high grade steel dies or high tensile dies are considered the best as they are diamond moulded. They generate clean holes that do not blunt with time and are sharp edged. Such punch dies evenly distribute the force of the punch over the hardened steel, generating crisp perforations.

On the other hand, some manufacturers to cut down the cost of dies, compromise on the quality of materials used. The end result is: machine’s lifespan gets reduced. Case in point: Chisel dies.

The Chisel dies are made from soft metal.  The low quality metal makes the die lose its edges quite easily. Re-sharpening is out of question for them.   And the worst part is that they do not cut until you force them through the paper to make cuts. This puts additional burden on supporting components such as gears, linkages and punch bar assembly. The end result: feathered, frayed perforations, which make quite a laborious task and excessive wear and tear of other components.

So it is important for the customers to realize that by buying a cheap machine will only result in 3 to 4 replacements, which in turn, will shoot up the cost of the machines, probably more than the good quality machines. The wise old adage of “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten” has never rung so true.

The fact is that today you will find manufacturers who produce quality punch dies. Acedepot offers branded punch dies that has been test-driven several times. And the results have been awesome. Our manufacturers’ emphasize on using quality steel and exclusively use the very best components.

For more information on quality punch dies, get in touch with our consultant right away.

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Various Types Of Binding Machines Available In The Market

Making a buying decision is always difficult, even when it comes to office equipments and supplies. The buying decision for binding machines is no different. However, you can simplify the process by considering the various types of binding machines available in the market and comparing them with your requirements.


Let’s have a look at various types of binding machines.

Comb binding machine

Comb binding machines, which are perfect for small and thin books, punch round holes on the left side of the pages, and those pages are held together by a comb. The comb opens and closes when the loose pages are to be inserted or removed. This method is considered to be the least flexible style of bookbinding due to the plastic spine that forms the back of the binding.

Coil machines

Coil machines are also known as spiral coil machines. Considered to be better than comb binding method, this machine punches holes to bind the pages with a continuous spiraling plastic coil. Usually, the coil is made from PVC. Highly flexible and durable, coil machines are ideal for binding notebooks and legal documents.

Wire binding machines

Like other binding machines, wire binding machines too punch the holes in the pages and then uses multiple wires to bind the pages. The machine will bend and close the wires together after the pages are holed and fed into the wire ring. This method of binding is usually used for large books or documents.

Thermal binding

Thermal binding is widely used for giving a professional look to documents such as manuscripts. Under this method, the edge of the pages is inserted into the pre-glued spine of the folder and then the spine is heated until the glue melts.

Tape machines

These machines use a strip of adhesive tape to bind the edge of the pages together. Simple and cost effective, this method gives a tidy, finished appearance to the loose documents.

Strip binding machines

As the name suggests, strip binding machines run binding strips through the punched holes of the paper. The machine then secures the strips with heat.

Saddle stitching

These machines are quite costly and complex, and hence, exclusively used by dedicated printing companies. Saddle stitching machines punch, wire and staple through the folded edges of pages.

Velobind binding

 Velobind binding machines are perfect for binding legal-sized documents out of the box. These binding machines come with different functionalities to bind books that are thick up to one inch.

To make a right buying decision, you can compare the functionalities of these machines with your requirements. For example, if you are looking for a machine to put together a magazine, consider saddle stitching magazines. However, if you are looking to put together thick manuscripts or books, look for thermal binding machines or coil binding machines. is a leading online retailer of new and factory refurbished office machines and supplies. At the store, you can find popular binding machine brands such as Fellowes, GBC, Martin Yale, DocuGem, Spiral Binding Corp., Quartet and Swingline. Just head to the store to find your binding machine.

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