Amazon Rates Us with A 99% on Response Time Under 24 Hours!

amazonIf an email is answered back in a minimum duration of time then it is considered to be a polite way to express the response. There are certain ways to respond to the mails as revealed by a study. Generally, email users falls into three categories relaxed, driven, or stressed. Women are found to be more pressurized while responding to mails as compared to men. People comes under the “relaxed” group do not exert any sort of pressure on their lives. Coming to the next group, the “driven” one; people following this path consider responding to emails as their topmost priority but can cope with it easily. The third and final group, however, reacts in a more negative way to the pressure of the emails which ultimately causes stress and several other health related problems.

According to the web hosting services, there is a standard time range that has been calculated to provide the exact time taken in responding to a mail. The term has been denoted as Average response time which signifies an average amount of time a requester has to wait before a request for global resource can be granted. It is basically a measurement of the number of minutes, hours or days which you take to respond to a visitor’s mail. There is a cyclical time pattern which has to be followed as average response totally depends upon it. The main goal of this cycle is to assure that the average response time should be as close as possible to the acceptable response time on your installation. The way of calculating this average response time is considering the transmission delay for a global resource serialization signal.

Probably, your visitors as well as customers expect an instantaneous response to the emails they send you, particularly when they are seeking a problem. If you want your customers to be happy and fully satisfied, then your response time should be very low. Acedepot is such an online site with a good expected average response time meeting capacity.

Buyer-Seller Contact Response Time Learn more
7 days(May 17, 2013 to May 24, 2013) 30 days(Apr 24, 2013 to May 24, 2013) 90 days(Feb 23, 2013 to May 24, 2013) Target
Response times under 24 hours 98% (289) 98% (1283) 97% (3292) > 90%
Late responses 2% (7) 2% (29) 3% (112) ≤ 10%
  • No response for more than 24 hours
4 4 4
  • Response times over 24 hours
3 25 108
Average response time 4 hours 46 minutes 4 hours 24 minutes 6 hours 24 minutes


According to the team, we require a maximum time of 24 hours to reply back to any email and on weekends it may take 24-48 hours maximum expected time for responding. However, most of the mails are answered back within few hours. The response time is currently revealing 99% according to the estimated time under 24 hrs services, which is a real time data and the average response time is 4 hours 21 minutes. Acedepot carry a few of the highest metrics in the industry. You can ask Amazon for getting yourself assured of this fact. Amazon is really strict about their rules, regulations and guidelines and we religiously abide by them everyday to meet their expectations along with ours. Our customer care team is always there to resolve your queries, please call to the support line: 800-844-0962 or email us at

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