New Enhanced Cassida Currency Counters Available At Acedepot!

Currency counters are becoming more sophisticated, advanced and economical. Case in point, Cassida’s recent unveiling of the new, enhanced 5520 Professional Currency Counter. Touted as the must-have currency counter to streamline several cash handling duties, the new improved version comes with a feature called ValuCount ̶ which allows users to get a count of different denominations while keeping track of the total value of the bills in the machine’s stacker.

For easy cash handling and operations, the enhanced currency counter features a LCD screen to display bill counts as well as count values. This compact and portable counter can process up to 1,300 bills per minute.

Apart from serving as a bill counter, the 5520 Professional Currency Counter can also serve as a currency discriminator as it has the capacity to detect counterfeit and discrepancies through its ultraviolet and/or magnetic sensors. Whenever the couter identifies a counterfeit bill, it will stop the count to dispense the suspected bill into its stacker for removal. The user can see the reason the counterfeit bill was rejected on the LCD screen.

The infrared sensors of the counter spot bill discrepancies such as half, double and chain notes. As soon as the discrepancy is spotted, the counter will alert the user with an audible beep and an error message on the LCD screen.

Cassida also added a steel hopper to the currency counter to make it more durable and sturdy. And all these features and functionalities are available for under $200. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The company has started shipping the upgraded version of the currency counter. Are you impressed by the new version? Do you wish to enhance your cash handing process? Order it now!

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Why Do You Need Label Maker??

Organization is the best path to efficiency, be it for home or office. Don’t you believe that? Well, just imagine finding a visiting card that you had placed on a desk that’s filled with stray, important papers. How much time will you take to find that card? Ages, won’t you? Or you could find it in a jiffy if all the papers are properly filed and stored at the appropriate place. Same goes for the kitchen. If the knives aren’t kept at the proper place, you will be all over the kitchen looking for it when the need arises. Hence the importance of organization can be never underestimated.


Label maker

The first step toward organization is having a proper labeling system in place. You can label addresses of your suppliers, files and folders, price tags, shipping tickets, and pretty much anything you want to. Labeling will help you keep all the things at the proper, designated place, as well as will make the task of locating things simple and quick.

You can label either through a label printer or through a label maker. Label printer, which is a computer printer that prints on self-adhesive label material, is not as popular as label maker, which is nothing but a label printer with a built-in keyboard and display for stand-alone use.

There are various types of label makers available in the market. You can choose the style of printing, fonts, size and many other features according to your requirements. While choosing the label maker, consider the following factors:

Features required: First you need to decide upon your requirements. The kind of fonts and text colors you require, the number of characters you need and so on.

Display and keyboard size: Label maker comes with a small screen which displays the text that you type. You need to check whether the size of the screen is comfortable enough for your eyes. Also, check whether the keyboard is appropriately sized according to your fingers.

Portable: Usually sophisticated label makers are quite heavy to carry around. Simpler the label maker, lighter to carry. So if portability of the maker is one of the key requirements, it will be better to opt for a simpler label maker.

Power source: Most of the label makers are battery operated. If you are going to use it extensively, look for the products that come with rechargeable battery packs or optional power cords.

Special features: If you are planning to use label maker for retail use, look for units that offer features such as barcodes, symbols or picture. You can also look for units that use magnetic ink so that the printed labels can be easily read by a scanner for inventory purposes.

Once your requirements are clear, you know what kind of label maker you are looking for.

At Acedepot, we offer a wide selection of label makers, ranging form simple ones that are suitable for home or small office, to highly sophisticated ones that can be used in giant warehouses. You can find brands such as DYMO, Brother, Memorex and Avery at the store.

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Are Safes & Vaults Really Necessary??

Are Safes & Vaults Really Necessary

Of course they are if you wish to keep your cash, important documents, secret formulas and other sensitive information safe and secure. Although most of the businesses and homes have multiple safes and vaults, they are quite clueless when it comes to the proper selection of them. Consequently, they end up either spending too much of money unnecessarily or inadvertently keep themselves open to theft, burglary and fire damage. So let’s see how to select proper safes and vaults.

Safes and Vaults

Types of safes and vaults

Before we move further, first we need to understand the types of safes and vaults available in the market.

Burglar safes

These safes are specifically designed to provide protection against burglary and theft. As no safe is 100% burglar-proof if the burglar has the proper tools, skills and sufficient time, they are designed to prevent thefts by unskilled thieves and to delay skilled burglars.

There are basically two classification of safes: construction ratings and performance ratings.

Construction ratings rank safes according to their construction, i.e., the type of material used and the thickness of the body. Usually safes are rated B, C and B/C. The only problem with this classification process is that there’s no central body to keep check on the ratings; manufacturers can themselves claim the rating based on the process of construction.

Performance ratings rank safes according to the benchmark set by an independent testing laboratory. The benchmark includes criteria such type of burglary tools it can resist and the amount of time it can delay an attack. Document safes and data safes are fire-proof safes that are designed to maintain a set internal temperature.

Electronic Safes Locks

Electronic safes locks are designed using a programmable electronic circuit and mechanical controls. Compared to traditional mechanical safe lock, electronic safe lock is difficult to break in yet easy to use. These locks can be even be programmed to install audit trail, time-delay period and multiple combinations to open the lock.

Fire safes

As the name suggests, fire safes are designed to protect the contents against the damage from fire. Like burglar-proof safes, fire-proof safes aren’t 100% effective; they are designed to resist damage from certain type of fire for a certain period of time. Usually they are able to protect the contents until the fire department extinguishes the fire.

Fire-proof safes are rated according to the guidelines set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The UL guidelines include classification based on the type of assets it’s designed to store, the expected temperature of fire it can stand, and the time period for which it can protect the contents. The UL certified safes are of premium-quality, offering 100% outstanding performance. Although fire-proof safes come with high-security locks, usually they fail to resist burglary.

Room-sized fire-proof vaults

When businesses have to protect large volume of heat-sensitive materials, it makes more sense to use a modular room-sized vault rather than using multiple fire-proof safes. Usually, these vaults are used by giant corporations, government agencies and off-site storage service firms.

How to choose right safes and vaults for home and business?

Type of content: The first and foremost factor to consider is the type of asset you need to protect. If you are looking to protect jewelry, a jewelry safe or electronic safe would work best for you. If you are looking to protect huge volume of sensitive documents, may be you should consider fire-proof vaults.

Purpose of protection: Are you seeking protection against theft or fire? If it’s the former, you should consider burglary-proof safes; likewise for fire, select a fire-proof safe.

Value of assets: Of course trying to safe keep a million dollar necklace in a $500 safe/vault is a foolhardy thing to do. If the assets are expensive, it always pays to go for advanced safes/vaults. Also, advanced safes are costly.

Insurance company parameters: Many times insurers specify the method of protecting the insured assets. In this case, you will need to consult the insurance company to determine if the selected safe and vault falls under their approval.

Regulations: If you are a business and your industry has a set of regulations in place when it comes to safes and vaults, always compare the features of the products with the guidelines.

If these guidelines aren’t enough to help you choose the right safe/vault, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you. Our wide collection of safes and vaults includes popular brands such as Social Safe, First Alert, SentrySafe, Phoenix, Biometrx, Fireking Safes, MMF industries, DocuGem, Steel Master and many more.

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Streamline Business Operations With Currency Counting Machines

In simple terms, currency counting machines are those machines that help you count money, both banknotes and coins. Whether a business is small, medium or large, currency counting machines are always a necessity. Apart from the regular retail stores, the currency counters can be used in vending machines to determine the amount of money deposited by customers. They can also be used with automated teller machines to allow customers to make cash deposits without envelopes as they can identify the inserted bank notes along with the number of notes inserted.

There are several benefits attached with currency counting machines; some of them are as follows:

Speed: No matter how fast we are, humans can never be faster than machines. The latest currency counting machines are capable of counting several bundles of banknotes in handful of minutes. Also, as the machines work quickly, your business operations won’t be impacted even if the employee manning the cash counter is slow.

Accuracy: To err is human. Machines, however, rarely err. It’s always easier to maintain accuracy in the processes completed by machines. Also, the performance of the currency counters are guaranteed by the manufacturers, and hence, you will end up with the value products every time.

Easy to detect counterfeit notes: No matter how much you train your employees for detecting fake notes, there’s always a chance of ending up with fake banknotes in the cash till. One of the ways to resolve this issue is to use currency counting machines. These machines are equipped with sophisticated technology such as ultraviolet rays and magnetic detectors to detect counterfeit banknotes in a blink.

Controls costs: Due to currency counting machines, you do not need extra employees to manage your cash till. Secondly, due to successful identification of counterfeit banknotes, the business loss arising out of fake notes can be controlled easily.

There are many types of currency counting machines available in the market, including mechanical and electronic. Broadly, the currency counting machines can be divided into banknote counters, coin sorter, and banknote and coin counters.

Earlier banknote counters could only provide a total count of the notes, but the newer ones can also identify the bank note denomination and offer total currency value of mixed banknotes.

Coin sorters are perfect for segregating the coins into separate bins for various denominations. These counters, however, are built for the specific currency as several countries use different currencies having similarly sized coins of different values.

Banknote and coin counters can process banknotes as well as coins simultaneously. Also, these counters are sophisticated enough that they can identify the denomination of the bank notes and coins as well as can count the exact quantity to offer the total value of the currencies.

The kind of machine you need will depend on the needs of your business. If you have relatively a smaller business operation, you should go for no-frills currency counting machine. However, if you are operating a huge business operation with heavy cash flow throughout the day, you should opt for the most sophisticated machines that come with anti-counterfeiting systems, ultraviolent reflection, infrared spectroscopy and magnetic detectors.

At Acedepot store, you can find any and all types of currency counting machines, including brands such as Accubanker, Cassida, Cashscan, Ribao Technology, Royal Sovereign, Magnif Coin Sorters, Semacon, Coin Mate, and Banlivo. Check out the features of the counters and compare it with your business needs to make an informed buying decision.

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