Why shopping with Acedepot is your best bet?

Why shopping with Acedepot is your best bet

Acedepot is serving its customers with zest and enthusiasm since last twenty two years. It is a leading office supplier to the people of the United States. There are a lots of milestones that we have achieved in this process and won many awards and accolades. The latest one is being the award winning supplier in office equipment in Northvale since last seven years. In this post, we want to stress why shopping with Acedepot is your best bet and more helpful to you.shopping with acedepot is best bet

You may be having many choice from large number of companies from where you can source your office supplies. And yet, if you make a comparison of such companies with Acedepot, you will spot many things. First being that no other company is just only in the business of selling office equipment. Amazon sells everything under the sun, and cannot even think of the specialization that we have. We just sell office equipment, and there is nothing much else to distract us from that. Selling office equipment is our main priority. That is why our service is always first class. We have the latest products in office supplies present in our inventory. Besides this, we also give the best price to our customers in office supplies.

There are no promotions for office supplies by any other seller. But Acedepot gives many offers and discounts to its customers. This is just for the benefit of our loyal customers. We provide great after sales services to our customers. This makes them come back for more and more. This also strengthens the trust that our customers have on us.

Besides being a specialized office supplier, the shipping policy of Acedepot is customer friendly. We ship any order worth above $100 free of cost to our customers. Even our returns policy is customer friendly. We make sure that our customers don’t have to run from pillar to post to return products that they don’t like. If any of our products doesn’t meet your specifications, we take it back without any hiccups. Also, there are no hidden charges applicable on our products. Everything is clear and unambiguous.satisfied

In our customer care section, we have our shipping and returns policy. Hence, there is no confusion arising if you want to return a product that you bought from us. Recognizing all these facts, our customers have showered their love and trust on Acedepot time and again. This has made us the leading office suppliers in the North American region.

Additionally, we have revamped the website of Acedeopt. We have given it a new look and feel and made it responsive. Recognizing the needs of our customers, we have also made it simpler to use. Since our website is responsive, it is accessible on the go on mobile and tablets too. This has increased the reach of Acedepot. And this has enabled us to serve our customers in a better way. We always strive to serve our customers to the best of our capability. Thus, shopping with Acedepot for office supplies is your best bet. We are always at your service. We are always ready to solve your every query as and when it arises.

For Acedepot, its customers are always its first priority. This has made Acedepot your favorite website for sourcing office supplies.

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Swingline Tax Time Savings offer: World class Shredders at a throwaway price


Shredders offer a great utility for everyone in the workplace since they ensure that your private and confidential documents are safely disposed off. The icing on the cake would be if there was a heavy discount on shredders and shredders could come at a throwaway price. Now, all this is possible with the shredder offer as featured in the Acedepot website.


The Swingline Tax time savings offer gives you a great opportunity to owe a world class shredder at a discounted rate of up to 50 percent. This is a deal that you cannot resist and shouldn’t ignore. Now you can save money on one hand and on the other hand ensure your privacy and safety by availing this fantastic discount on shredder in the form of Swingline Tax time Savings offer. This shredder offer gives you the flexibility of owning a shredder in your office at a throwaway price while you can also owe a world class quality product for your office.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to owe state of the art shredders at a throwaway price and discount on shredders to the tune of up to 50 percent is unprecedented. Take advantage of the discount on shredder offer and owe a world class shredder to be included in your office inventory. Hurry this offer is only valid till May 31st, 2015. Following are the type of shredders that are available under the shredder offer:

Hurry!! Offer Ends On: May 31, 2015. Avail your world class shredder today.

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Cash Registers to improve your business profits

In order to ensure that all your business process are running smoothly a efficient cash handling system is essential. A smooth cash handling procedure not only ensures a cut in the waiting time of your customers, a seamless experience during the payment time also helps in increasing your credibility in the eyes of your customers. Acedepot.com presents top nine reasons about why you should avail a cash register for your business. Different type of cash registers like Royal Cash RegistersCasio Cash Registers, Sharp Cash Registers, Monroe Cash Registers, SAM4s – Samsung Cash Registers, Towa Cash Registers, Adler Royal and many more are available here to keep your cash registers ringing. Read on to know more.

Cash Registers to improve your business profits

  1. A faster transaction speed
    If you want to increase your business, bring in more customers and enhance their shopping experience, you surely have to serve more customers in less time. Hence, it makes perfect sense to avail a cash register to complete orders faster compared with a cash box or apron. A cash register enables you to take faster orders with preprogrammed item buttons or scanning and calculating as well as recording totals in a lightning fast speed.
  2. Enhanced accuracy
    Besides increasing the speed of your cash transactions, a cash register also can increase your accuracy. Doing the total calculations in your head may lead to errors sometimes and definitely reduces the speed of the cash transaction, with a wide scope of error. However, by using a cash register, totals are done automatically. This helps immensely while coming up with sales totals or determining how much change is to be given back to the customer.
  3. Enhanced security
    By opting for a high quality cash register like a Casio cash register or a Royal cash register, the security of the entire cash transaction process also gets enhanced. Not only will you have total records of every transaction with its exact value, but you will also have the records regarding how many times the cash drawer was opened. This is in addition to the benefit of storing all your valuable cash in a secure drawer.
  4. Give incentives
    By keeping in place a sturdy and a foolproof cash handling system like a cash register, you can start giving incentives to your customers. Not only is their shopping experienced enhanced due to this, but offering incentives like a free meal if you don’t get a receipt increase the likelihood of customers thronging your store. This also increases the accountability of the cash register operator who have to record every transaction without fail.
  5. Streamline your business processes
    Running out of a particular product can lead to a slowing down of your business processes or at worse, you may even lose some of your customers. The cash registers available at Acedeopt.com help you to identify and analyze peak selling times and also identify the products that are selling like hot cakes. Such kind of detailed reporting options would help you streamline your business processes and satisfy the high expectations of your customers.
  6. Ease out the vendor settlements
    In businesses where festival organizers have agreed upon a commission based system with the vendors, the calculations of the final accounting process can be very tedious and time consuming. However, this problem can be overcome by using a high quality cash register such as a Casio Cash Register or a Sharp Cash Register and the wireless data streaming in them allows the festival organizer to monitor the sale of each vendor. This eliminates tons of paper work and calculations makes everyone’s life easy.
  7. Expand your payment options
    Make available a number of other systems and expand your cash handling process. This will lead to pleasant customer experiences since they would have to spend less time in paying for the products they purchase and thereby enhancing their experiences. By using a good quality cash register, you can even accept payments through credit cards, thereby increasing your sales manifold.
  8. Cut down the downtime
    In case there is a fault in one of your machines, or you are experience a sudden glitch in one of your machines, then relying on knee jerk reactions isn’t the right kind of action to take. By buying a high quality Sharp cash register or Royal cash register, you can be assured of dedicated support of a professional 24/7 or even an onsite support technician to cut down the downtime of your store and give you peace of mind.
  9. Make tracking tickets more simpler
    Just as important as cash handling are the benefits of tracking tickets exchanged in a particular transaction. By using a high quality cash register, you can track an accurate count of tickets used as currency and thereby eliminate manual labor in doing the same and also increase the accuracy of your sales data.

Acedeopt.com presents you with a host of high quality of cash registers, to make your cash handling a smooth process and increase the positivity as experienced by the customers of a streamlined business store.

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How To Show Employee Appreciation


Employees are the backbone of every organization. If your employees are motivated, they will deliver optimum performance. But if they are dissatisfied with the way you handle business, you will not only witness high attrition rate but also inefficiencies and low productivity rate. Here are some tips that can help you bolster employee motivation level:How To Show Employee Appreciation

  1. Take them to dinner: Organize dinners with your top-performing employee to show your appreciation. This will also help you connect with your employee, which you might not be able to do during your regular working schedule. Taking them for quick coffees too is a great opportunity to know them better.
  2. Display appreciation vocally: Your employees work hard to take your business to the next level, and for that they deserve your appreciation. So give them their due, especially when in front of others if possible. Also, single out top-performing employees to motivate other employees to work harder. Praise them for specific reasons so that your employees can get to know what you actually expect from them.
  3. Gift books: Gifting books is the best idea because employees appreciate them the most. Select books that your employees can like. Add a note in the book outlining why you got that specific book for them and why you thought it will fit them the best.
  4. Listen to your employees: Listening to your employees attentively is one of the best thing you can do to make them feel appreciated. You might think that you are actually listening to your staff but you should keep track of the meetings wherein you specifically called in your employees to listen to their problems. Make some extra efforts to listen what your employees are saying.
  5. Better infrastructure: When you invest in new computers and office equipment for your staff, you are showing your appreciation for your employees. Always keep your infrastructure updated with the latest technology because it will keep your staff happy and thrilled to know that you do consider their comfort.
  6. Birthday celebrations: Appreciation is not a one-time activity. It’s an on-going processes wherein you have to show how much you value your employees throughout the year. One such process is birthday celebration. Make them feel valued by asking them how they are doing and let them know how important their well being is to you.

Do you do any other activity to keep your employees happy and highly productive? Tell us. We will be happy to hear about new ways.

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7 Tips To Be Highly Productive

It’s always important to be highly productive at work – especially if you are ambitious. However, it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? One of the many reasons for being less efficient in the inability to do away with the distraction. But that’s not the only reason. Let’s have a look at the tips that can help you shoot up your productivity.

7 Tips To Be Highly Productive

  1. Stop doing unnecessary tasks: Many times we do stuff that’s unimportant. We don’t even realize it and keep on doing it. Usually, it’s a habit. A habit that started from a necessity, which is no longer the case. The best thing to do right now is to take a step back and evaluate each task that you do. Consider how necessary it is, the time it consumes and how close it take you to your goals.
  2. Organize your breaks: Contrary to popular beliefs, being productive doesn’t mean you work non-stop. Only a machine can work like that, and if you try to imitate a robot, your productivity will go down. So the better idea is to schedule your breaks strategically for optimum performance. If you are self-employed or have a flexible work schedule, walk away from the desk for few minutes whenever you feel your productivity is going down. Have a glass of water or go for a washroom break.
  3. Stop multi-tasking: If you are multi-tasking so many things, believe us you aren’t being highly productive. In fact, when you change tasks more than 10 times in a day, your grasping power will go down. According to various studies, when you multitask your IQ drops by an average of 10 points – 15 for men and 5 for women.
  4. Break down big tasks: If you have a big task to do that can take weeks or months to complete, it’s wise to break it into smaller tasks that you can easily measure. For example, you have to launch a website of your own. Instead of looking for designing all through the day, list down the number of designing websites you should visit. In fact, you should schedule each and every process that’s required to build an engaging website.
  5. Become unavailable: In this age of technology wherein anyone can be reached through a text message, email, or message on Facebook, distraction is easy to come by. Don’t fall victim to it. Instead of checking all your messages every 5 minutes, check it after few hours. Also, if you are receiving too many unnecessary calls, become unavailable on the phone. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore emergency calls. Instead create a system that can help you filter necessary calls without throwing your schedule off the track.
  6. Automate as much as possible: Take advantage of latest inventions and automate as many tasks as possible. Some of the tasks that you can automate include:
    Delete, archive and sorting of emails
    Deleting spam emails
    Paying off your bills
    Appointment scheduling
    Tweeting and posting of your new posts
  7. Be inspired: Sit back and think about your priorities. Consider what inspires you and what doesn’t. Do you like helping others? Or connecting with new people? Consider your inspirations while setting up your goals.

Implement these tips and tell us about it. We are eager to hear from you!

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Cut Down Your Printing Costs Today!

Cut Down Your Printing Costs Today!

Although it may not seem much, the costs of document productivity, distribution and output nearly amounts to 1-3% of the total revenues. Now imagine the costs when you have revenues in millions and billions. This cost will reach quite a high number, won’t it? So of course you will need to control it. If you want to know how, read on:

  • Equipment Inventory

You need to know the accurate level of printing equipment you have on hand. This includes counting and mapping of total number of manufacturers and models for all of your inkjet printers, laser printers, copiers, multifunction devices, faxes, scanners and more. You should also record model type, age and networking capabilities because that will help you analyze all elements of your printing costs and efficiency.

  • Appropriate technology

First of all, you should understand your business and the technology it requires. Once you know what your requirements are, you will know what kind of printing machines you should have and what you have. You will also be able to identify the machines that are lying useless. You can sell them to salvage bit of value.

  • Identify improvement

Calculate your current monthly service, equipment and supply costs to know the exact expense of printing. Generally, higher the number of model, higher are your costs of supplies, spoilage, obsolescence and inventory management. Once you get the details, you will be able to identify the areas that need improvement.

  • Employee costs

If you are having in-house printing, you need employees to manage inventory, purchase supplies, fix break downs, schedule services and process invoices. And these employees need salary. So you need to calculate employee costs to know the real picture. For the calculation, consider all the employees involved in printing tasks and calculate the number of hours they spend on the processes.

  • Print outsourcing costs

In additional to the internal costs, you should consider costs for printing that’s outsourced. You need to study the pattern of the kind of printing work that’s outsource. Check the percentage of the outsourced work and determine the cost-benefit ratio of purchasing the equipment for the same. If you are outsourcing majorly one type of printing, we bet buying the equipment for the same would be more beneficial.

Are you looking for energy-efficient, competitively priced printers? Visit Acedepot.com.

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Are Office Assessments Really Required

Are Office Assessments Really Required

Of course they are. Because you have to know what’s your operational costs and find ways to control them if you are looking to boost your profit margins. Alas, every penny saved is a penny earned. Office assessments are particularly helpful when your business needs new devices or you are thinking to upgrade various devices or infrastructure. Office assessment also becomes imperative when your operational costs are shooting up or you aren’t getting the results you are looking for.
Through office assessment, you can figure out effective way of various processes while cutting down the operational costs. This way, the unnecessary waste will also be eliminated.
The need for office assessment can’t be emphasized enough. Even big giants like Xerox are the advocates of this process. In fact, it went on to state “It doesn’t matter what size your business it; if you want to get output costs under control and set the stage for improvements in productivity and work process, you have to start with an assessment.”

Are you wondering what elements should you consider in office assessments? Consider the following:

When you start office assessment, the experts will collect all the data to identify the areas that majorly contribute toward the operational costs. Plans will be drawn up to reduce these expenses for better profits. Each and every expense will be identified, recognized accurately and optimized for better performance.
During office assessment, there are generally four areas to concentrate – management process, supplies, device proliferation and hidden costs. The experts will look at your devices and IT network to study input and output data. If you are one of those companies dedicated to keep the environment clean, you can also bring down your negative impact on environment with minimum efforts.
So, what are you waiting for? Just go for office assessment.

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7 Strategies To Save Your Holiday Budget

7 Strategies To Save Your Holiday BudgetFor holiday shopping, we always face one problem: what to buy that doesn’t bankrupt you? Even if you persuade yourself to buy expensive gifts thinking “never mind, it’s holiday season!” you will most likely suffer from shopper’s remorse when your credit card bills roll in. To help you this kind of situation, we have seven strategies. Let’s get on with those strategies.

1) Create a master list: Most of the times, you have to buy gifts for the same people. So make a master list and you will only have to make changes to it every Labor Day for the holiday season that year. Also, you can create a column in the list for the personal preferences. For example, you know your colleague loves books – specifically romantic fiction – you should note it down in the list. So whenever you see romantic fiction going on sale, you know you should get one and save a bit in the bargain.

2) Keep gift list handy: Make a gift list separate from the master list and keep it in your purse. Refer it during your breaks or when you see bargains online or offline. Sooner or later, the gift list will be impressed on your mind and you will be ready to grab the bargains without panicking.

3) Grouping of gifts: First of all, you need to decide on the total shopping budget for the season. Then group people by category of family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and others. Divide your total budget between various categories realistically. If you don’t have enough budget to stretch for everyone, let’s say co-workers, then plan to make the gifts for one group instead. Make changes in the list if and when necessary.

4) Find prices online: It’s always wise to check for the prices online before shopping in-store. Use online search engines such as “shopping bot” to help you check prices on various websites. It will help you find the best price for any given item. For example, you are looking to buy a Panasonic camera, just type that into a search engine box and you will find a list of all online retailers who are offering it along with the prices. You can even save on shipping by buying it bit early because few eCommerce stores offer free shipping if you buy before a certain date.

5) Stick to your budget: Buying expensive gifts is tempting because they are usually displayed in an attractive manner. You need to practice restrain if you don’t want to go beyond the budget you have already allocated for each category. Stick to it religiously while shopping. It would be wise if you complete shopping for important presents first – parents, partner and kids. That way even if you go overboard, you are doing it for your loved ones.

6) Pay your bills in cash: One of the best ways to avoid overspending is to buy on cash. When you start shopping, leave all your credit cards at home. That way, if you run out of cash, you will automatically need to stop shopping. If you are using debit card, then you will need to keep a tally of how much cash you withdrew during the start of each gift-shopping session.

7) Use prepaid debit card: If you are feeling uncomfortable about carrying lot of cash, try prepaid debit card – which works like a credit card. The only difference is, you have to pay the balance up front into the card. Every time you make a purchase with it, the balance will be deducted from the total. The beauty of debit card is you get the protection of credit card and you can easily dispute charges that appear on your statement. However, don’t forget to have a built-in spending limit. If you want to have such a card, visit your bank. They will let you know the exact procedures.

Do you know any other strategy to save money during holiday shopping season? Share it with us!

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How To Return Your Order For Free

How To Return Your Order For Free

Are you suffering from buyer’s remorse? Or don’t like the gifts you have purchased online? No worries. Return it without hassles. How? Here are the few tips to help you to do that.

1) Don’t open it: If you are thinking to return the item, don’t open it and definitely don’t use it. Most of the stores have strict policies about not taking back opened or used products, especially electronics one. Once you use it, even to test it, they won’t be taken back – and you will lose money.

2) Be quick: The first thing you should do after receiving your order is to check the company’s website to know about their return policy. Most of the companies generally give a month to return an item for its original price, and after that, you may get reimbursed for only a fraction of the original costs. Electronics and big-ticket items usually have 14-day return deadline.

3) Find the gift source: If you have received a gift and want to turn it, you need to be extra smart. Try to ask subtly the gift giver the origin of the gift. “Where did you find such a pretty thing?” usually does the trick. But do remember not to rely on the boxes because they are often reused. If you don’t find the answer from the giver, do some online research to see which stores carry the particular item you have. Ask them if they will accept a return or offer an exchange.

4) Always smile: Remember the saying “honey catches more flies than vinegar”? The same goes in real life. Sales people are always busy and hassled. If you return your products with a friendly smile, your process will be done quickly and with the least possible hassles.

5) Use receipt: Without the receipt, you may not get the full price of the product. Or worse, you may have to settle for a store credit. So better use your purchase receipt while returning the item. If the item in question is a gift and you don’t have a receipt – which you definitely won’t – the store may understand your situation. Especially when the item is still in its packaging. If the sales clerk is not being co-operative, ask for the manager.

6) Online returns: Many online stores accept returns. You may not be able to go back to their brick-and-mortar store but you can pack and ship the item to the store. Generally, the companies do not refund the postage costs and so do consider the cost of the product against the postage.

7) Know the return policy: Always know the return policy before you make a purchase. Many sellers don’t take back the merchandise unless it’s defective. Some places refuse to take back the product if it’s opened. And many store charge a restocking fee unless it’s defective. Many times when the item is bought on sale or clearance, you won’t be able to return it.

Share your returning-merchandise experience with us.

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User Friendly Fellowes Office Furniture

User Friendly Fellowes Office Furniture

Having the right office furniture is very important for healthy life because usually we spend more than 9 hours in office, sitting on chair and working on desktop. If your chair isn’t ergonomically designed, you are quite likely to end up with back pain. In the same manner, if your keyboard tray isn’t ergonomically designed, again, you might end up with carpal tunnel syndrome. Scary, isn’t it? But we can avoid these problems simply by buying the right office furniture. Like Fellowes back support accessories, keyboard tray and keyboard.

Fellowes offers a huge range back support accessories, including heat and soothe black support and office suites mesh back support. All the supports are designed for maximum lumbar support during the extended period of sitting. The back support accessories come with adjustable strap for easy use.

If you are having very small workspace, try Fellowes’ compact keyboard tray. They are fully adjustable to offer maximum comfort. To adjust the height and tilt of the tray, you just have to loosen a single knob and then retighten it to lock the position. The memory foam wrist supports new and improved Microban antimicrobial protection that stays cleaner. It will also keep your hands/wrists in neutral position.

If you are looking to buy back support and computer accessories, consider AceDepot.com. Our store has a huge collection of Fellowes office products that are of top-notch quality. All the products are affordably priced too. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you.

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